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How Your Smartphone May Be Making You Gain Weight

Smartphones may be giving you many weight loss tips and you may feel that it helps you in achieving your weight loss goals. However, in reality, it works just the opposite and instead of letting you lose weight smartphones are actually making you put on weight. Did you think that you are getting the meilleurs régimes pour perdre du poids on your smartphone? Think again.

Games on phones

Video games and other mobile games are addictive and they make us sit on our couch for hours together. This has reduced outside play. In fact look around and you will see people on their phone be it the park, the train or even when they are at home. This makes movements less and in turn aids in weight gain.

Addiction to social media

Social media takes up the maximum of one’s time. It is known that one who has a smartphone and internet access will log in to the social media site at least once in the day. Sitting for long hours and spending time on social media makes one a couch potato.

Healthy eating goes fora miss

The smartphones take up most of your time and you end up struggling to find time even to prepare your meals. The easiest thing when feeling hungry is to pull out the restaurant menu on the mobile app and order. And in most cases, people end up ordering junk. This is bad for your health and makes you gain weight.

Workouts are no more a part of your routine

You make a workout schedule but fail to stick to it, blame your smartphones for that. Your smartphone is taking up so much of your time that you end up sleeping late. This interferes with your workout schedule.

Late sleep

There are many people who sleep late because they stay awake when using their smartphones. It could be anything, watching a movie, reading a blog etc. Poor sleeping habits contribute to weight gain and the smartphones are to be blamed for that.


Wie Hacken Whatsapp-Nachrichten Aus Der Ferne?

Der Zugriff auf Ihr eigenes WhatsApp-Konto auf Ihrem Computer ist eine unkomplizierte Funktion, die die App selbst anbietet. Aber wussten Sie, dass es für Leute sehr einfach geworden ist, die WhatsApp-Nachrichten anderer Leute auszuspionieren? Sie können sogar Zugriff auf Ihre gemeinsamen Nachrichten und Dateien erhalten.
Egal, ob Sie ein Android-Telefon oder ein iOS-Telefon besitzen, Sie finden Apps im App-Store beider Betriebssysteme, die es Ihnen ermöglichen, andere WhatsApp-Konten auszuspionieren. An verschiedenen Apps sind verschiedene Schritte beteiligt. Alles, was Sie tun müssen, ist, die auf WhatsApp registrierte Mobilfunknummer einzugeben und Sie könnten mit der Spionage auf dem verlinkten Konto beginnen. Es gibt viele Schnickschnüffelwerkzeuge und Spionagewerkzeuge, die für verschiedene Arten von Social-Media-Apps verwendet werden sollen. Dieser Link einen Einblick in solche Spionage-Apps für WhatsApp.
Zunächst müsste man sich eine passende Spionage oder Hacking-App aus dem App-Store aussuchen.
Achten Sie darauf, dass Sie die Funktionen der App lesen und verstehen. Es gibt viele, die es Ihnen ermöglichen, anonym auszuspionieren, und das sind die praktischsten. Es gibt kostenlose Apps und kostenpflichtige Apps. Basierend auf der Anzahl der Funktionen, die Sie benötigen würden, und der Anzahl der Konten, die Sie verfolgen möchten, können Sie ein Budget wählen. Wenn Sie mehrere Konten zu verfolgen, wie der Fall, dass ein Arbeitgeber ein Auge auf die Mitarbeiter “, um sicherzustellen, dass die offizielle Kontaktnummer nicht missbraucht wird und kritische Informationen nicht durchgesickert, dann wählen Sie eine vollwertige Spionage-App. Sobald Sie die App installiert haben, geben Sie die Nummer ein, die verfolgt werden soll. Die App würde dann im Hintergrund in das Konto hacken. Kurz nachdem Sie den Verifizierungsprozess abgeschlossen haben, können Sie die Nachrichten aus der Ferne verfolgen.


Should Grown Men Still Play Video Games: Yes Or No?

While a lot of you might think that video games should only be played by children, popular culture of the day does show that grown-up men can and should play video games as much as smaller children. There are so many games on the adult gamers list that one will be spoilt for choice. There are games like Arkham City, Uncharted 3, Legend of Zelda etc that are necessarily meant for adults and not for kids under 18 years of age.

Here are some of the games that prove video gaming is also as good for grown-ups.

  1. A. Noire

The performance of this video game last year showed that their narrative has no limit and no restrictions. A classic example of detective drama, this game instantly made it to the top charts. While you will fight on the side of the law this time, you will be able to see corruption upfront and close. While all the action is still there, it is majorly about the interrogation of the suspect and investigation of the crime scene. In order to enhance the performances, motion-capture technology has been skilfully used.

  1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare 3 catapulted to become the highest grosser in the first 24 hours of being released because of how interactive and interesting the characters in it are. It is not only about mute wars but also about thrill, momentum, and tweaks in the war play storyline.

  1. NBA 2K12

NBA 2K12 stands out because of the major improvements in its latest version. The uniforms are specific to the period from which it belongs and you can also create your own fantasy league that can contain snippets from the whole history of NBA. You can find a more interesting article at ltc regarding the gameplay.

All these video games fully prove that an adult can play video games as much as a child can and at times the games are better suited to the latter.

Pest Control

Don’t Let your Building or Cars be Bird Targets

It is quite disappointing to have a major mass of winged creature crap on your car that you cleaned just now. Each vehicle proprietor fears seeing flying creature poops on their auto as it is unattractive and at the same time can harm your motor as it reacts with paint and opens the outer coat to notions found in nature.

Poop of birds is a typical sighting on motors as well as the building edges particularly when they are encompassed by heaps of trees and water bodies. Frequently the nuisances are the sparrows and pigeons.

Shielding the buildings and cars from droppings of birds

You can shield your cars from this nuisance in case you simply focus on the time and place you park your car. Birds normally pass their wastes prior to taking off, so if you can distinguish the right moment; abstain from stopping your vehicle near the right about that time. Fowls are exceptionally attached to lakes, phone wires, electric shafts, and landfills; abstain from these areas for parking your car.

For the building, you can choose to place bird netting glasgow that is done by experts that are easily available on the web. For instance, in case you search for Netting for birds on your local area, various choices will appear for you to select from.

Pointers to fend off the birds

Creating cases or birds using CD’s and putting it up in your vehicle or on the edges of your building where the birds are often found is a good choice. See to it that the surface that reflects is seen outside; as it will reflect the rays of the sun and the flare will warm them off.

Sheila the motor cars. As it will cover the auto specifically from the hostile fluffy creatures, you will now need to manage a chaotic cover. As for the structures, you can utilize defensive netting shields that will keep the winged creatures from arriving and taking rest on the ledges of buildings and littering the place.

Car Tools and Gadgets

All you need to know about Code Reader for car

A code reader is a device that you need to plug into car in order to get the issue of the problem your car is facing. The first thing that the code reader does is to read the computer of the car that tells the error codes. There are various types of code reader for cars available in the market. It is not only for cars but for other automobiles like lighter vehicles example trucks, etc. Hence, there are different sizes, shapes, colors and of course functions of the code readers. It is like selecting a mobile phone from the innumerable brands and models that show up when you search for a mobile phone.

However, the basic functions of the code reader is to scan and read the error codes, which then shows up on the small screen. These devices have the ability to clear the error codes too. Another main function is that the device has the ability to put back the check engine light to normal like before it illuminated. However, these are the most basic functionalities of the basic code scanners. There are high end devices/ diagnostic code reader for car that will perform many more functions other than the ordinary device. Hence, it is good to do some research or know more about code reader for cars.

There are basic and high end devices that perform many things differently. Even among the basic the models are different and they perform different functions than another model. You have to read the instruction guide or product manual to fully know what the device has to offer. The high end code reader devices are more expensive but have many more features like DIY instructions for fixing basic issues that more experienced car owners can do on their own. The latest versions of code readers also check for I/M readiness and shows the status. Other enhanced features and functions include scanning and displaying freeze frame as well as live data.

There are later versions of code readers that have limited ability to the Parameters ID ranges. The high  tech code readers will be able to record data. They will be able to re – display the recorded live data also. Recalling the manufacturers codes are also some of the enhanced features of the devices available in the market these days. The good and popular units will also read the pending codes. Moreover, they also have the ability to operate a two – way transmission functionality.

The basic code reader have issues with compatibility of the vehicle model and make. One of the latest features available in the selected advanced devices is the functionality of able to scan the Airbags and anti brake system / ABS systems and also reset them. Hence, customers have to overlook the higher prices and go for the best car code reader that has all the deep diagnosis ability and troubleshooting ability. It is good for your safety, car health, and also saves you cost over a long period of time.


Learn How Technology Made Phone Chat Possible

Sure, you know the simple ways to make friends, but, do you know the technological ways of making friendship so effortlessly and quickly? Yes, do not underestimate the power of the technology, which could not only help you tackle complicated things but also tackle simple, yet, essential things like finding the right friend(s) for the right you. If you are wondering how, then, it is the concept of the phone chat!

Indeed, we all know chatting is the best way to create a friendly atmosphere, which can be quickly and uncomplicatedly done by using the popular phone chat services. All you need to do is to dial the current number of the services, such as the base chat nummer kostenlos 030 to extend your warm friendship to the like-minded chat partners! If you are wondering how it is any different from the regular phone call then, understand how the technology has not only made this phone chat service possible but also has made it special by discovering the following 2 top reasons.

  • Uncomplicated service

A phone call is always made to a known person or a group of persons that do not offer you any new excitements. But, whereas in a phone chat, you get to chat with a new set of people, every day, every time making your idea of friendship grow beyond borders. For this to happen, you need not bother yourself in any way, as you can simply dial-in the given number of the respective phone chat service and follow the simple instructions to make your own chat ways.

  • Uncompromised service

Under generic scenarios, making an anonymous phone call for the sake of safeguarding your privacy is impossible. But, in a phone chat service, your position is always shielded that is you remain anonymous to the respective chat partner, unless and until you feel comfortable in taking the chat experience to the next level by disclosing your significant details.


Useful Tips To Improve Your PC air flow

With everything going digital, you can do so much on your computer. To some, their computer is their workplace and to some, the computer is their gaming arena. Choosing a computer that suits your requirements is important. But what is more important is to make sure that you take good care of your computer as well. Proper maintenance of the computer would ensure the best performance and would cut down costs incurred on repairs and spare replacement.

One of the most common problems that most computer users face is the heating issue. Ensuring proper airflow for your PC would reduce heating problems.

  1. Where have you placed your computer?

The room where you place your computer, the number of objects that lie around the computer, all determine the air flow. If you have placed your CPU inside a cabinet then keep the door open when you operate. If possible, get a cabinet which comes without a back panel for the placement of the CPU. Do not place the CPU on a carpet or other surfaces that can lead to the accumulation of lint.

  1. Choose the right case:

The internal fans on your PC circuits are designed to handle the internal airflow surrounding the components. So if you think that keeping the case open would help in improving the airflow inside, think again! Choosing the right case and keeping the case closed is the key to improving the efficiency of the fans inside. This would ensure that the fans do not have to overwork to handle the air flow. Choose the best mini itx cases or ATX cases as required and also invest in some good case fans if needed.

Do not install too many fans. Compare the capacities of each fan and position them aptly instead of crowding the space with too many of them.

Drug Test

Technology is making better hair follicle tests

Hair follicle drug testing is the method in which samples of hair follicles are tested in advanced laboratories to find traces of drugs. Even those drugs that were consumed more than 2 months ahead can be found in hair follicle tests. These are slightly expensive but are known to be very accurate provided a bunch of hair strands is available for testing. So this method is used in those scenarios where precision is key.

Along with the advancements in the hair follicle testing technology we also find new methods to help people pass the hair follicle testing without a trouble. The easiest way to pass your hair follicle drug test is to use a detox shampoo or use supplements and detox pills. But there is no guarantee that all the drugs in the body would be eliminated with these methods. Because the test methods now are quite sophisticated and sensitive and even the slightest indication of the presence of drugs can be found without any issue.

How is the test done?

A small bunch of hair samples is sent for testing. The minimum required sample would be at least 1.5 inches of hair follicles. The hair strands do not always have to be from the head. Body hair from any part of the body like armpit or chest can also be used. Though the technology is pretty new, we do find an increase in the number of laboratories that can handle this test. If you are looking for precision then it would be a good idea to approach a certified testing laboratory. Know that given the advanced technology used for the test, the cost would be relatively higher than that required for the other drug testing methods. But the efficiency is really good in this case, provided the test is performed by trained lab technicians.

Car Technology

7 Biggest New Car Technology Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Buying a car is often an overwhelming decision. There are so many cars on the market. They all carry hugely different price tags. The technology that they come with also differ. So how do you take a pick? Here are some mistakes that you should avoid in new car technology:

  1. Not doing enough research is the biggest mistake one can do. If you do not keep yourself up to date with the car tech trends you would be missing out on all the great things happening around you.
  2. FOMO- fear of missing out is a bigger culprit than ignorance itself. Just because everyone around you is trying if you are planning to try a new car technology you might often end up disappointed.
  3. Settling for cheaper variants- when it comes to electronics, slightest variation in the quality can have a huge impact on the performance. You can find high-quality car parts here and there are other similar websites that offer reliable spares for your car and the technology inside.
  4. Splurging – spending on your car is good. But then there should be a limit set on your budget. There are some areas which are totally worth splurging. To understand the difference and then make your purchase. Splurging on technology that would be outdated anytime soon would be a bad idea.
  5. Not maintaining your car is going to cost you a lot. In-car technology can only function well in a well-maintained car.
  6. Unclear goals can result in useless expenses. So before you buy in-car technology devices always be sure why you are buying them and whether you really need them.
  7. Not looking at the options is another blunder to avoid. For each piece of technology, there would be several brands making similar items. So compare your choices to make the right decision.

Effective Ways To Get More Out Of Your Landing Page

Creating a landing page is a task that takes a lot of time and efforts. But then the returns you get for launching a great landing page are impressive. You can use a software for landing pages and create a good one. But if you are looking to improve the conversion rates here are few things you can do:

  1. Keep it simple:

Do not include too much information that might confuse your customers. You have your website for adding all the information. Keep your landing page crisp and clean. Include the call to action steps in the most visible portion of the page and make it easy for the customers to find what they actually got to that page for.

  1. Testimonials have a great impact:

For the first time customers, your fancy ads might look attractive. But then this is not going to talk to them in their language. This is not going to help them with the credibility factor. They would trust other customers better than they trust you. So including testimonials from actual customers on the landing page is a great way to earn the trust of your customers.

  1. Stick with the purpose:

Each marketing campaign is designed for a specific goal. So make sure that the landing page is relevant and in line with the goal. This is where you make the choice of the type of landing page to create. Do not deviate from the objective.

  1. It all boils down to how fast the page loads:

After all, all the great content you have placed on your page, that quirky ad campaign you made would all go on fumes if your landing page takes forever to load. Landing pages are supposed to be designed in such a way that they load in a jiffy!

Mobile Number


Nothing can be more disturbing than receiving those calls from unknown numbers especially at odd hours of the day. I believe all of us have gone through this phase at least once in their lifetime. This too has a solution though it appears to be a big problem.

The following is a list of mobile number trackers:

Websites that are sued in tracking mobile number: These are free websites that help in locating the mobile number. It displays all the other information regarding the number. The best websites are the, Trace Phone Number, and Free Phone Tracer. All these are easy to use as the interface makes it is a user-friendly website. The biggest disadvantage is you have to register in all the websites for you to avail their service.

  1. Free android apps to track mobile number: These help in locating and tracking the mobile number. It does not demand internet connection always. With the map, it pinpoints the exact location. But it needs Android version 4.0.
  2. Truecaller: This is an ideal app for Android and iPhone users. It is one of the best and widely used software to track mobile numbers. With this even before answering the calls, the caller is identified. The 3D touch makes it extremely user-friendly. It always needs an internet connection.

To track mobile numbers starting with 7, 9 and 8 as in India where all the mobile numbers start with these numbers the above mentioned mobile trackers can be used widely. The most useful program to track mobile numbers starting with 7, 8 and 9 as in India is the New Generation Mobile Tracer Program.

Indian mobile numbers starting with 7, 8 and 9 can be easily searched with many apps and websites available on the internet.

Social Media Followers

To Vlog or not to Vlog: how to document your life on the internet successfully?

The reason for such overcrowding and flooding of videos on YouTube can be attributed to science in general. Humans have a capacity to remember things better when it’s accompanied by visuals, and that is one of the biggest reasons for videos becoming so viral and popular form of media and marketing.

We find various channels of videos, on various topics and subjects. But, the best quality ones are those that shine through the sea of videos across the channel. We often see them, take a few messages and go back!! What interests you may not interest others, and thus there are heaps of videos on the net!! So, the trend is shifting from blogging to Vlogging!! A complete video documentary that reaches to people far and better than blogs!!

There are many ways to become a vlogger! All you need are simple tools to get there, but if you need to be successful you need few extra things and some extra effort to reach there, like YouTube Abos kaufen buying paid likes.

Some basic tips to be there, creating successful videos, starting your journey in Vlogging!

Audio quality:

Keep your audio quality at its best! No matter how small video you shoot or big, the voice and audio part should be clear. If this isn’t right, then you are thrown out, nowhere close to video blogging. People want clear and audible videos on their list.


In case of video, the light should be very apt, not too much and not too low. You can’t make people go nuts over the blinking light or with too much light, that makes other things barely visible. So, keep your lighting very low, or actually in regard to the concept. Natural sunlight is always the best thing to rely on!


Latest advancements in smart pill tech

The progress that smart pills have made along with the technological improvements has raised the hope for medical research and studies. This is an indication that there will be much such advancement which will be useful and helpful to patients ailing from different illness. There have been many setbacks for patients who have been chronically suffering from diseases as the post surgery healing and post practice healing takes a lot of time. The recovery time being too much after a medical surgery or minor procedure was a setback which is now taken care with the help of smart pill technology.

The smart pills will now be an ideal replacement to several diagnostics and this will help the patients in healing fast by reducing their recovery time. An endoscopy procedure results in the patient’s recovery time of about a day or 2. With smart capsule technology, it is possible that the patient heals in the same day. Mind Lab Pro nootropic review states how much impact the awareness of smart pill technology has created and how much it has made possible in the field of diagnostics.

The capsule or pill technology is ideally a non invasive procedure and causes no discomfort or very minimal discomfort to patients. The use of this in the field of gastroenterology can never be matched with any other treatment procedure. It enables obtaining better and clearer image of the intestinal tract and this ensures that a better determining of the impact of the illness thus leading ay to better facilities of treatment provided. It also helps in keeping the patient alert and informed at all times. Accurately locating the problems in the intestine or stomach is possible with this technology and this creates a transparency between the practitioner/ surgeon and the patients.


How to be a social media guru in 2017?

When it comes to social media to some it is simply a way to connect with friends and family while to others it is a way to speak to the world, to reach people in far corners of the globe. And to many social media now is a great platform to strengthen their marketing strategies. No matter what social media is to you it is undeniable that it has strongly intertwined in our society today and has become more of a social norm. Here are some simple things to keep in mind if you want to be a social media guru and to make an impact with social media:

How much is too much?

Using social media with discretion is the first rule. You should be ready to regularly stay active on social media. In fact there are automation tools available to help you automate the posts at regular intervals and to thus be on the top. But then how much information you share and what kind of information you share is what matters the most. Make sure that you keep your personal data and that of those around you safe while you share content on social media.

Videos are popular

Every social media platform allows you to upload videos. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A single video is worth a thousand pictures now. It helps people really connect with you and understand better what you are trying to convey. Upload quality videos with subtitles to ensure clarity of delivery.

There are tools that you can trust

Buying followers and likes on social media is not a difficult thing anymore. You do not have to buy too many followers or likes too frequently. But once in a while if you buy likes on Instagram and other social media sites it would really help in the long run.

Finance Portal

Identity Theft 101: It Starts Online

Daily, millions of online accounts get created on the net for various online transactions, this means the online thieves have no shortage of stealing opportunities. The recent survey by the U.S Secret service reveals the rise in theft of emails.

What is identity theft 101?

It is the theft of information relevant to user’s name, date of birth, address, mother’s maiden name, social security number etc.

How to prevent?

  • Empty your mailbox – Try to clear emails related to transactions, password change requests immediately after the job is done.
  • Keep minimal information online – Always keep in mind that the more personal information you store online, hackers get just a password away from you.
  • Monitor bank accounts regularly – keep a close watch on card transactions and account balance. Even if purchases are small, be vigilant.
  • Sign up for credit monitoring – Not at all a bad idea to invest in such services because they give you fraud alerts. Any new credit will be realized only after your approval.
  • Juggle your passwords –Always use complex and unique passwords for your different logins.
  • Purchase on trusted sites – Shop only from secured sites. Look for sites link starting with https:// and not http:// because these could be dummy sites
  • Protect your computer – Keep your computer updated with antivirus software and encryption software, so that if hackers reach your PC they cannot retrieve information

And if you identify misuse of your account, the best way is to remove all personal information from the net. I found a great way to remove my private information from the internet here by installing DeleteMe.

It is a great way to keep away from these thefts, by refraining from giving any personal data on the internet. There is absolutely giving fake details to keep protect yourselves.

Gadgets for Kids

Best Kids Electronic Vehicles

As the holiday season approaches, the one thing that seems to be evident is that the ‘hoverboard craze’ has far from disappeared. From kids to adults, these electronic vehicles are by far one of the most popular gifts and hottest toys of all times which you can get for people you love.

Because my kids love playing with these shiny sleek electronic, self-balancing scooters here are the types of hoverboards I get my kids to play with. Here are some hacks on how to navigate the pros and cons of commercial hoverboards and the safety risks that need to be kept in mind when your children ride these cool toys.

  • Once children get hold of hoverboards, that is all that they want to ride all day. However, as a safety measure ensure that they are padded up well with helmets and adequate protection for the knees, wrists, and elbows. Learning to balance in a hoverboard can be tricky in the beginning. It is important to double check the safety of your kid and the effectiveness of the protection gear that he/she is wearing.
  • There has always been a complaint about hoverboards heating-up excessively and sometimes catching fire. It is necessary to read the safety precautions and avoid overheating and ensure the safety of the controls needed to run the board.
  • Also, you can check on the Product Safety Alert Pages or any Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Recall Page to ensure that the hoverboards you intend to buy for your child is completely safe.
  • Adult supervision is always necessary when children charge theses electric scooters.
  • Always use only company approved battery chargers, and ones with the safety stamp of approval, when charging electric hoverboards.
  • Do not let your children use their phones, listening to music etc., when hoverboarding to avoid accidents like falling and collision.
  • Avoid taking the hoverboards to very crowded places and riding them in traffic-ridden neighbourhoods and insist that they avoid over-speeding as they approach junctions and storefronts.

Hope these simple hacks help in increasing the safety of your children’s electronic vehicles. And have a great time hoverboarding.

Hosting On Cent

How to Start an Online Business for Just a Penny?

You are fascinated about starting a business of your own, but you are not having the capital to invest and kickstart your dream. Don’t get disappointed in not being able to realize your dreams. Today the world of internet has given mankind the amazing power of connecting to the world easily. You have several online business ideas which you can explore and get started right away with absolutely or almost no money in hand.

These are some ideas which you can explore

Sell online – You can sell products like handmade product through online e-commerce sites like Etsy, eBay etc. Or you can have your own site hosting these products.

Resell online – Build a website and partner with companies that do all the dropping and shipping. These companies fulfill your orders while you make the profit. You can also resell items from build a website or thrift stores or garage sales at a higher price.

Sell services – You can sell any service of your expertise be it online tutoring, home services or legal services, resume writing service or tax consultant, plenty of ideas you can plunge into. All you need is to get a website created and showcase your services. These days Blogs on your website can showcase you multifold and is an effective way to connect with the audience.

Look for low-cost services – choose companies which offer freelancing services like logo design, WordPress customization, social media presence, web hosting etc. to elevate your business. They charge you a few minimal bucks from for their services. Forgetting great discounts, look out for coupon codes on sites like RetailMeNot. Some attractive coupons like hostgator coupon 1 cent can grab you a hosting account for a single penny for the initial month at HostGator.

Computers & Technology

Servicing a Computer

Computers are devices that are used day in and day out by almost everyone across the globe. Computers have become a part of our daily lives. There is no possible logical work done without them.

It’s a huge problem when your computer or your laptop stops working all of a sudden, amidst a lot of pending works and few important documents unsaved. The phase until it opens up is a hell! So, are you stuck in a similar situation and are looking for a good computer repairs Brisbane service centre check out especially if you live in that area!

Well, how do you know that the centre is best and a good deal for you? how will you know that the centre has efficient staff who will complete the work on time and follow professional step?

Here is a quick list of questions that you must ask your technical service centre, or even yourself before fixing on one, because of the data inside matters a lot, and we never want it to be handed over in the wrong hands.

The physical presence of the centre:

These days remote servicing is rampant, your computer is repaired via a remote server placed elsewhere and the technician guides you to follow and help him/her. But, in case you are a total blank to computers, this feature would definitely waste your time and money. Instead, if the centre has a physical presence, you can walk down and consult them in person, say your problem and stay relaxed until they do the work.

Professional staff:

Always check in for reputed centres and also that possess staffs who are well versed and experienced in the field. Professionals do a diagnosis to check for the problems and with that, they will be able to help you in either repairing or replacing the computers, safely.


Check for the charges they apply, it may be hourly or per day basis or even depending upon the part serviced. So make sure you know this before you give your system.


Top Tips For Creating A Custom PC

Do you want to create a customized PC for the first time? Or have you created your own PC earlier but not satisfied with the outcome? Well, there is always scope of learning more when it comes to creating your own PC. Whether you want to create a home theater PC or choosing an htpc case size for it or maybe you want to set up a simple PC for just emails and other office work, here are some tips that can definitely be of great help.

  • When you are done buying all the components such as video card, CPU, CPU cooler, RAM etc. that will be required to build your PC, just test these parts so that you are sure that none of the bought components are defective. Else you will build the whole system to ultimately find out that things are not working according to your expectations.
  • Do not put too much of thermal paste. You have to only put a small dab at the center or maybe a thin line and then you can put the heat sink on and screw it. The pressure will help in spreading it.
  • Make a proper plan before you start building a PC. Do not jump quickly on getting started because you might miss out on something essential and as a result you will again have to start from scratch.
  • You cannot let your computer be dusty and hot. Hence, pay attention in creating good airflow and keep a check on the direction in which the fans are facing. Give a thought to buy more intake fans than the exhaust fans for creating positive air pressure within the case. You can have very less dust and cooler and quieter operation if the air pressure is positive and coupled with filters on the intake fans.
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This Is Why We Opted For A Tankless Water Heater

B2378 1          This Is Why We Opted For A Tankless Water Heater

The decision was unanimous:

When we shifted into the home we currently occupy, there was a lot of problem with the water supply. The issues stay unresolved for a long time and that is why we could not really furnish all our bathrooms with a water heater immediately. We kept the work till the civil work was all sorted and we decided to move in because work and school needed to start right away and they were closer to the new home than the previous one.

When the bathrooms were finally ready because the water problem was sorted out, the natural choice was to go for a water heater that did not come equipped with a tank. It was the latest technology and much as our plumbers doubted the efficacy of the technology that was only recently launched, we decided to follow our heart and got one installed in each of our three bathrooms and in the kitchen.

We are proud of our choice:

I must say that today we are sure that the decision to install the water heaters was one of the best ones so far. The absence of tank in the heater makes sure that there is no water sitting inside the tank and getting warmed unnecessarily. The other names for such heaters are on demand heaters or instantaneous water heaters because they supply hot water on demand and instantly. The pipe that carries the cold water to the water heater has an element in it and as water passes through it, it becomes warm.

While the average life of the conventional tank water heater is 10 to 12 years, a tankless water heater last longer. This is because there is no stagnation on the heater because it stays dry at all times.

We are set for life:

Technology can really be reassuring. I am very sure that with passage of time and our prudent use, these water heaters will serve their entire lifetime as efficiently as they are running now!