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Equipment For A Home Based Studio

If you are a beginner then it is quite obvious for you to not have a studio of your own. But there is nothing to worry as you can get started by setting up a home based studio. The only requirement is to own the necessary equipment that you will need to record your music.Some are listed below:

  • First equipment which you must have is a good computer because nowadays, all the recording studios are digital.There is no harm in investing on a good computer system but within your budget.
  • Once you own a computer, you will require efficient software which is also called digital audio workstation or DAW. There are various DAWs available in the market and you can find one that fits your budget and music style. This allows you to edit, mix and record music using your own computer.
  • You will also need an audio interface that will offer the required connections for sending music into the computer system while you record a song and out the system during the playback.Such interfaces come with features like headphone amps, digital conversion, DI boxes and monitor management.
  • One of the most important equipment isa microphone.Usually, there are various microphones which are used for different sounds, different situations and different instruments.
  • Everybody owns headphones but for professional audio set up, you need special type of headphones which are specifically used in studios. One must have a closed back headphone and an open back headphone.
  • For professional audio set up, you also need studio monitors which might look like those simple speakers but in reality they are absolutely different.Studio monitors provide a flat frequency response due to which a sound engineer gets to hear the true mix and detect the flaws and accordingly they make adjustments.