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Best Kids Electronic Vehicles

As the holiday season approaches, the one thing that seems to be evident is that the ‘hoverboard craze’ has far from disappeared. From kids to adults, these electronic vehicles are by far one of the most popular gifts and hottest toys of all times which you can get for people you love.

Because my kids love playing with these shiny sleek electronic, self-balancing scooters here are the types of hoverboards I get my kids to play with. Here are some hacks on how to navigate the pros and cons of commercial hoverboards and the safety risks that need to be kept in mind when your children ride these cool toys.

  • Once children get hold of hoverboards, that is all that they want to ride all day. However, as a safety measure ensure that they are padded up well with helmets and adequate protection for the knees, wrists, and elbows. Learning to balance in a hoverboard can be tricky in the beginning. It is important to double check the safety of your kid and the effectiveness of the protection gear that he/she is wearing.
  • There has always been a complaint about hoverboards heating-up excessively and sometimes catching fire. It is necessary to read the safety precautions and avoid overheating and ensure the safety of the controls needed to run the board.
  • Also, you can check on the Product Safety Alert Pages or any Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Recall Page to ensure that the hoverboards you intend to buy for your child is completely safe.
  • Adult supervision is always necessary when children charge theses electric scooters.
  • Always use only company approved battery chargers, and ones with the safety stamp of approval, when charging electric hoverboards.
  • Do not let your children use their phones, listening to music etc., when hoverboarding to avoid accidents like falling and collision.
  • Avoid taking the hoverboards to very crowded places and riding them in traffic-ridden neighbourhoods and insist that they avoid over-speeding as they approach junctions and storefronts.

Hope these simple hacks help in increasing the safety of your children’s electronic vehicles. And have a great time hoverboarding.