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Not Just Consumers: How Kids Can Be Technology Creators

There seems to be no escape!

We are raising kids in a world that is now slowly but surely becoming completely smart. Let’s face the fact that this is the generation that is literally born with a smart gadget in their hands. They have adapted themselves so well to keying in and on to them that it surprises me how it comes to them so naturally.

The downside is obvious!

I am a paranoid mother as far as extension of screen time goes. So, the secret I think is in striking the right balance.

That is why I love toys that blend the two worlds for them. They should be toys but they should have the device feel around them.

I remember seeing this hilarious experiment with a two-year-old baby girl where she is on one hand given a colorful toy and on the other side a dull and boring looking device. All the five times she dumps the colorful toy for the device. This said so much about the kids of today. If you are looking to fill the vacuum in your home I strongly suggest that you check out

The problem is not about gadgets per se and their high usage, the problem lies in being passive observers. If there is a toy that can engage the children to create something out of it and yet give them a feel of technology around it; nothing like it at all!!

Grab those toys:

These are the things that will inspire the child to imagine and to create something out of nothing. There are so many toys that can actually pique their imagination and let them become creators. As parents, guardians and as caretakers it is our duty that we let them become creators of such future technology and not limit them to being consumers of such goods only.


How technology and philosophy are coming together


Studying technology and philosophy can lead to consideration of the ethics of using technology. Whilst technology can be used in an infinite number of good and useful ways, there are also lots of problems caused by using technology, and this is where philosophy comes in.

We can consider computer viruses and cyber-attacks to be an ethical issue arising from technology. There is also the issue of using technology to replace workers, especially those in developing nations. Related to this is the unequal access to technology worldwide – these are all philosophical issues which need to be considered when developing new technology.

Technology can also be seen as making the world somewhat more complicated – the relationship between humans and tech is a complicated one. Philosophy and technology have been connected for hundreds of years, but as we become more and more reliant on technology to go about our daily lives, it’s becoming more important to think about the philosophical problems associated with technology.

We can use philosophy to better understand why us humans create the technology we do. If we can use a philosophical approach to explain the impact of tech on humans, it can help us to better design tech to suit our requirements. So, it’s important to always use philosophy to question what we are doing with our tech and what we want it to do in the future.  Games that can teach children how to use technology wisely is by far the next step in creating a healthy family dynamic.

Philosophy and science are strongly connected – philosophy may even be seen as the science of sciences. Science relies on using our world-view and using the skill of theoretical thinking – which originates from philosophy. Therefore we can see how philosophy and tech have been interlinked for hundreds of years, and will remain connected for centuries to come.