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This Is Why We Opted For A Tankless Water Heater

B2378 1          This Is Why We Opted For A Tankless Water Heater

The decision was unanimous:

When we shifted into the home we currently occupy, there was a lot of problem with the water supply. The issues stay unresolved for a long time and that is why we could not really furnish all our bathrooms with a water heater immediately. We kept the work till the civil work was all sorted and we decided to move in because work and school needed to start right away and they were closer to the new home than the previous one.

When the bathrooms were finally ready because the water problem was sorted out, the natural choice was to go for a water heater that did not come equipped with a tank. It was the latest technology and much as our plumbers doubted the efficacy of the technology that was only recently launched, we decided to follow our heart and got one installed in each of our three bathrooms and in the kitchen.

We are proud of our choice:

I must say that today we are sure that the decision to install the water heaters was one of the best ones so far. The absence of tank in the heater makes sure that there is no water sitting inside the tank and getting warmed unnecessarily. The other names for such heaters are on demand heaters or instantaneous water heaters because they supply hot water on demand and instantly. The pipe that carries the cold water to the water heater has an element in it and as water passes through it, it becomes warm.

While the average life of the conventional tank water heater is 10 to 12 years, a tankless water heater last longer. This is because there is no stagnation on the heater because it stays dry at all times.

We are set for life:

Technology can really be reassuring. I am very sure that with passage of time and our prudent use, these water heaters will serve their entire lifetime as efficiently as they are running now!