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If you are still waiting for the TV broadcaster to air the TV shows or movies you are probably living under a rock! With the Android TV box in the market, the complete scene has changed. You now do not really need to wait for your TV to air the show you want. In fact you can now use your TV for much more than just watch your favorite shows.

What is an Android Box?

An android box is a simple box that helps convert your existing TV into a smart one. It has become a very popular item these days and is definitely here to stay. It helps to use your TV for a wider range of functions.

The main use of the Android TV box is to stream live videos using the internet directly on your TV. You can now watch your favorite movies or shows at anytime that you like. The TV is enables to do almost as many tasks as a computer can do.

You can download many apps from the Google Play Store and use them on your TV. A large variety of other apps can be downloaded and used with this wonder box. You can also create a document using an Android TV box on your TV.

What are the types of Android TV Boxes?

These units are available in various shapes and sizes. They vary according to the price variations as well as features. Each manufacturer will have a different kind of set up but the general trend is more of less similar. There are many choices available. But when you talk about some of the best, the M8S is what comes to mind.

The main specifications of the MS8 are as follows:

It has an internal memory that extends up to 2GB DDR3. The ROM is 8GB NAND FLASH

GPU is Octa-core Mali-450MP GPU @600MHz. Other specifications include: Chipset: Amlogic S812 Quad Core Cortex A9 2.0 HGz. These specifications makes this one a bets option.