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Blog Or Vlog?

It is good to share your knowledge and thoughts in social media. But, at times you get confused on whether to share it on a blog or as a vlog. Here are certain tips to decide on whether to share it as a blog or vlog?

Interest:  It is not that anyone can start blogging or vlogging. One must have interest and knowledge in it. You must have heard about many people who earn a lot through blogs and vlogs. That does not come without having interest in it. One can shine in a particular field only when they have interest in it.

Assume you have interest in vlogging, if you have doubts whether you can start vlogging? No, it needs proper skills. If you just like to share just one post, then it does not need any skill and doesn’t expect many views. If you like to consider vlogging seriously, then you need proper technical skills about operating cameras, editing videos etc. Similarly, if you like to excel in blogging, you need to improve your writing skills.

Topic: Starting a blog or vlog depends on the topic chosen. Certain topics are good to be written and certain topics are best to be shot using the camera. DIY of installing a machine is better to be demonstrated as a video than writing it in words. Similarly, sharing knowledge about a new android phone can be well expressed in words.

Resources: Vlogging requires a good camera. Though it seems easy to take a video, it requires a great knowledge on the camera to operate it well. My camera is fantastic for vlogging and I use it for taking videos with a lot of special effects.

Audience: Generally, youngsters like to view videos and older people like to read through posts. So, if your target audience is the youngsters then vlogging is better than blogging and it is vice-versa if your target audience is older people.