How Your Smartphone May Be Making You Gain Weight

Smartphones may be giving you many weight loss tips and you may feel that it helps you in achieving your weight loss goals. However, in reality, it works just the opposite and instead of letting you lose weight smartphones are actually making you put on weight. Did you think that you are getting the meilleurs régimes pour perdre du poids on your smartphone? Think again.

Games on phones

Video games and other mobile games are addictive and they make us sit on our couch for hours together. This has reduced outside play. In fact look around and you will see people on their phone be it the park, the train or even when they are at home. This makes movements less and in turn aids in weight gain.

Addiction to social media

Social media takes up the maximum of one’s time. It is known that one who has a smartphone and internet access will log in to the social media site at least once in the day. Sitting for long hours and spending time on social media makes one a couch potato.

Healthy eating goes fora miss

The smartphones take up most of your time and you end up struggling to find time even to prepare your meals. The easiest thing when feeling hungry is to pull out the restaurant menu on the mobile app and order. And in most cases, people end up ordering junk. This is bad for your health and makes you gain weight.

Workouts are no more a part of your routine

You make a workout schedule but fail to stick to it, blame your smartphones for that. Your smartphone is taking up so much of your time that you end up sleeping late. This interferes with your workout schedule.

Late sleep

There are many people who sleep late because they stay awake when using their smartphones. It could be anything, watching a movie, reading a blog etc. Poor sleeping habits contribute to weight gain and the smartphones are to be blamed for that.