Identity Theft 101: It Starts Online

Daily, millions of online accounts get created on the net for various online transactions, this means the online thieves have no shortage of stealing opportunities. The recent survey by the U.S Secret service reveals the rise in theft of emails.

What is identity theft 101?

It is the theft of information relevant to user’s name, date of birth, address, mother’s maiden name, social security number etc.

How to prevent?

  • Empty your mailbox – Try to clear emails related to transactions, password change requests immediately after the job is done.
  • Keep minimal information online – Always keep in mind that the more personal information you store online, hackers get just a password away from you.
  • Monitor bank accounts regularly – keep a close watch on card transactions and account balance. Even if purchases are small, be vigilant.
  • Sign up for credit monitoring – Not at all a bad idea to invest in such services because they give you fraud alerts. Any new credit will be realized only after your approval.
  • Juggle your passwords –Always use complex and unique passwords for your different logins.
  • Purchase on trusted sites – Shop only from secured sites. Look for sites link starting with https:// and not http:// because these could be dummy sites
  • Protect your computer – Keep your computer updated with antivirus software and encryption software, so that if hackers reach your PC they cannot retrieve information

And if you identify misuse of your account, the best way is to remove all personal information from the net. I found a great way to remove my private information from the internet here by installing DeleteMe.

It is a great way to keep away from these thefts, by refraining from giving any personal data on the internet. There is absolutely giving fake details to keep protect yourselves.