Technology is making better hair follicle tests

Hair follicle drug testing is the method in which samples of hair follicles are tested in advanced laboratories to find traces of drugs. Even those drugs that were consumed more than 2 months ahead can be found in hair follicle tests. These are slightly expensive but are known to be very accurate provided a bunch of hair strands is available for testing. So this method is used in those scenarios where precision is key.

Along with the advancements in the hair follicle testing technology we also find new methods to help people pass the hair follicle testing without a trouble. The easiest way to pass your hair follicle drug test is to use a detox shampoo or use supplements and detox pills. But there is no guarantee that all the drugs in the body would be eliminated with these methods. Because the test methods now are quite sophisticated and sensitive and even the slightest indication of the presence of drugs can be found without any issue.

How is the test done?

A small bunch of hair samples is sent for testing. The minimum required sample would be at least 1.5 inches of hair follicles. The hair strands do not always have to be from the head. Body hair from any part of the body like armpit or chest can also be used. Though the technology is pretty new, we do find an increase in the number of laboratories that can handle this test. If you are looking for precision then it would be a good idea to approach a certified testing laboratory. Know that given the advanced technology used for the test, the cost would be relatively higher than that required for the other drug testing methods. But the efficiency is really good in this case, provided the test is performed by trained lab technicians.