Top Tips For Creating A Custom PC

Do you want to create a customized PC for the first time? Or have you created your own PC earlier but not satisfied with the outcome? Well, there is always scope of learning more when it comes to creating your own PC. Whether you want to create a home theater PC or choosing an htpc case size for it or maybe you want to set up a simple PC for just emails and other office work, here are some tips that can definitely be of great help.

  • When you are done buying all the components such as video card, CPU, CPU cooler, RAM etc. that will be required to build your PC, just test these parts so that you are sure that none of the bought components are defective. Else you will build the whole system to ultimately find out that things are not working according to your expectations.
  • Do not put too much of thermal paste. You have to only put a small dab at the center or maybe a thin line and then you can put the heat sink on and screw it. The pressure will help in spreading it.
  • Make a proper plan before you start building a PC. Do not jump quickly on getting started because you might miss out on something essential and as a result you will again have to start from scratch.
  • You cannot let your computer be dusty and hot. Hence, pay attention in creating good airflow and keep a check on the direction in which the fans are facing. Give a thought to buy more intake fans than the exhaust fans for creating positive air pressure within the case. You can have very less dust and cooler and quieter operation if the air pressure is positive and coupled with filters on the intake fans.