Types Of Bags

Handbags and wallets are important items that have to be chosen with care. Today, one can find a lot of varieties in handbags. Many brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes, and Chanel are competing for each other in the market. Each brand has its own style and pattern for its bags and wallets. When it comes to purchasing one, then it is important to consider the brand of the bag. But, before that one must be able to filter out what type of bag do they need.

Though you like to use chanel bags with a large logo for a party, it will be ridiculous to carry a satchel bag for the party. So, before you order your bag, know the different types that exist. If you find it hard to know about the various types of bags generally available in the market, then go ahead read further. This article is about the type of bags used by different people during different situations.

Satchel: It is a wide bottomed bag usually comes with two handles which are good to carry books and laptops.

Clutch: It is a very small and long bag which can be used when you have very little to carry.

Athletic Bag: It is a spacious bag that is used to carry for gym and sports. It is the best if you have many sports equipment to be carried with you.

Hobo Bag: This is a larger handbag that hangs directly from the shoulder. It comes with just a single compartment.

Backpack: As the name implies, it lies on the back and has double handles at the back to carry it easily. Best for travelers and kids who take many books to school.

Tote Bag: Tote bag is s slightly larger handbag with stylish appearance. This type of bag is used by women for their shopping.

Duffel Bag: This type of bag is made of thick cloth and are best used for travel and sports.

These are only a few of the types. There are lots more available in the market.