What Are The Essential Accessories That You Should Buy For Your DSLR Camera?

When you buy your DSLR camera, you would definitely be looking forward to keeping it safe. You would also need additional accessories to make use of some of the features of the camera. It is not just possible to buy a DSLR camera but also all associated accessories.

Here is a list of essential safety and functional accessories for a DSLR camera:

  1. A bag:

Having a great camera bag is definitely the first main requisite. The type of bag you choose and the size would determine how and where you take your camera and all associated accessories carried. A backpack would make it easy for you to go hands-free. Pick a bag that comes with sections to securely hold the lenses and filters in place as well.

  1. Tripod:

Tripods are not just for clicking self-portraits. These are useful to avoid camera shakes. Especially when you are clicking at slower shutter speeds, every single vibration would cause a blur. So a tripod would ensure clearer pictures. If you pick one that comes with a remote, it can be useful to click family pictures and be in the picture yourself too.

  1. Flash:

The DSLR itself would mostly come with inbuilt flash. But for some darker scenes, having an external flash would be pretty useful. This would help obtain brighter pictures even during the night. The flash bounce in external flash would also be comparatively less.

  1. Filters and lens hoods:

Camera filters are these days considered to be less useful. This is mainly because we now have several apps and software that can add filters and effects to photos. But having a filter can give ready pictures with such effects applied. And lens hood can be useful in preventing lens glare that occurs in very bright surroundings. These are particularly handy for better pictures on an extra sunny day.